HDNM Entertainment & Studio Services

Since 2004...

HDNM is a virtual POSTPRODUCTION • REMASTERING • CONVERSIONS studio that specializes in editing for FILM & TV, SHORTS, DEMOS & TRAILERS as wells as moving image asset restoration, enhancement and high-end conversions.

We work with any file-based origination format (including filmscans, SD, HD+), to restore and retime to any output format (24/25/30/50/60fps), including HD, 2K, 4K, IMF / DCP.

It's very exciting that now we can take precious archival SD clips and make them once again relevant, often the remaster looking far better than the original. Finally, the digital remastering that we've been enjoying in the music industry for decades is catching up in the world of media! 

We use a series of proprietary and licensed processes (developed for WETA, Technicolor, Deluxe, Amazon and Netflix) designed to accommodate budget and desired usage, varying from future-proofing to redistribution on Netflix to 4K digital cinema projection.